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Our family serving your family...

When called upon to arrange a funeral, complete responsibility is taken to guide you through the procedures which have to be followed, we will deal with all the formalities and legal requirements ensuring relatives have no more to worry about than is absolutely necessary at this difficult time

our Vision

What is our vision to you the most valuable client ?

Throughout history, it has been the custom to honour the memory of those we love by erecting a lasting form of memorial. A memorial becomes a permanent symbol of remembrance. At P.F.P we understand the importance of remebering a loved one so our vision entails giving you the best available services and resources a helping hand in times of hardship.

We pride ourselves...

At Pyramid Funeral Parlour we pride ourselves on our experience and professional ability to arrange or assist with the traditional funeral rites and customs of many cultures and religious beliefs.

Customer testimonials

  • Mrs. TR Macingwane
    “I am grateful for the professional help i received during this tough time...”
  • Mr. M Tshabalala
    “ Pyramid Funeral Parlour knew exactly how to handle the ceremony, wonderful service...”
  • Ms. C Rafilwe
    “Comforting, Caring and very understanding, I recommend P.F.P to anyone...”

Peace Of Mind...

Our director

SM Maxopani
Mr SM Maxopani, Owner of Pyramid Funeral Parlour.
Mr SM Maxopani is a firm believer in old fashioned family values, that's why so many turn to Mr SM Maxopani when in need of the perfect memorial for a loved one. Having been in the business for numerous years he understands all your burial needs.

company history

1999 - A Family Orientated Business Started

Being locally and family owned Mr. SM Maxopani wanted to give back to his community, more specifically his people in need, In this time P.F.P helped the local governmet with burials of the unidentified and homeless deceased as well as numerous well co-ordinated memorials for the public and high profile citizens.

2011 - 12 years on the story continues yet nothing has changed.

Keeping his vision and standards at an utmost high, PFP still give the same service that is expected of them.

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